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Ambrosia receives lots of compliments on her dazzling smile; she says that she likes the idea that her smile makes other people happy. She is an exuberant “people person” with lots of energy to spare. One fun thing to know about Ambrosia is that she is crazy about the color PINK! When Ambrosia grows up, she hasn’t decided yet if she wants to be a singer, dancer, artist, or actress. She is a natural performer and her love of music provides her with an outlet to entertain and express herself. She would love more musical opportunities including the chance to renew dance lessons or to learn an instrument. Ambrosia likes to do crafts and make things, and has been known to indulge her love of fashion by making clothes for her American Girl Doll. In school, Ambrosia’s favorite subjects are math, art, and music.

Ambrosia is currently in a school she likes and is doing well both academically and socially. Ambrosia has shown a lot of growth in the past year in peacemaking and forming solid friendships. She enjoys family time: hanging out, playing board games, and helping her foster mom with chores and some cooking. Ambrosia likes the opportunity to try new things; for instance, she has had lots of fun taking a road trip with her foster family to attend a family reunion in another state and also attending a family church camp in Wisconsin. When asked what words describe her, she answered, “awesome, generous, brave, cool, kind, smart, artistic, and magnificent.”

Ambrosia has strong opinions about a family. She has had some hard bumps in the road in her attempts to join a family, so her team is listening closely to her. Ambrosia says that she wants a family who will support her relationship with her current foster mom and older foster sister; she needs us to know that her love for them is real. She is open to a single mom or a mom and dad. She would like a Christian family who will attend church but who won’t mind when she listens to some secular music too. A family who shows physical affection is great as she enjoys snuggling with a mom. Ambrosia says that she wants a family who will accept her, not give up on her, and where she has a parent or parents she can talk with, takes time with her, and will play with her. African American parents would be ideal, but she is accepting of parents who are of another race or ethnicity, but she does NOT want to live where there are no other African American kids in her school or neighborhood. She is open to being an only child or having sibling and this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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