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Meet Austin

Austin is a kind and helpful teen with a big heart for animals—especially dogs. He is pretty introverted and it takes him a while to warm up to people but once he feels comfortable with you—you will find that he has a great sense of humor, is a wonderful storyteller, and really enjoys talking with people he trusts. He is very active and has a great appreciation for outdoor activities—especially fishing. It is a joy to watch his face light up when you ask him about the 24-inch walleye he caught! He likes school and his favorite subject is Woods, as he really enjoys building things. He likes hanging out with his friends and is looking forward to getting a job, as he previously worked at McDonald’s and really enjoyed doing so. His favorite sport is football and he enjoys playing video games. And, he also really likes his country music!Austin has strong ties to Southern Minnesota and would either like to find a family who lives in the area or would be willing to help him maintain the connections to his family and friends there. He would prefer to live in a more rural area. Austin is open to a family with a mom and a dad. He would also really like to have pets and is open to any type of animal. He would like to have a family who enjoys outdoor activities—especially fishing! He will need a family who can provide him with structure and stability, and offer a balance of fair and reasonable rules along with the independence he will need to grow and shape his own identity in this world. An ideal family will be patient and committed to offering support and guidance to Austin as he navigates the joys and challenges of life.
Ref #:4110
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