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Meet Sherakey

Sherakey loves to socialize with peers and adults.  She is very curious and loves to ask questions.  During her free time, she likes to read, knit, and go shopping!  Sherakey very much loves crafts!  She loves sculpting, coloring and painting.  Sherakey enjoys learning about astronomy in school.  She recently joined her school’s bowling team and loves being a part of a team.  Sherakey is working on increasing independent living skills and hopes to someday work in the healthcare field.  Sherakey really wants a family and craves 1:1 attention from adults.  She’s looking for a home and family where she feels safe, valued and loved.  Sherakey will do best in a home where she is either the only child or the youngest.  An experienced family who can provide Sherakey with supervision, consistency and stability is needed. 

Following adoption, Sherakey would need to maintain contact with her current foster care provider and extended family members.
Ref #:4117
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