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Antonio is an outgoing young man. He has an excellent sense of humor and is fond of pranks and practical jokes. Antonio is talkative, curious and has lots of energy. He tends to gravitate toward younger children and adults versus same age peers, but enjoys being around people in general. Antonio can be busy, busy, busy! He likes to be helpful do chores alongside a caregiver. Some of his favorite foods are tacos and pizza and he’s a really good eater! Antonio loves Legos or any kind of building activity. He likes to play with cars and games and is very imaginative. He is very active and enjoys being outdoors. He likes fishing, bike riding, boating, archery, etc. He got to go to camp last summer and loved all of those activities! He also enjoys playing hockey and soccer and has participated in gymnastics. He has grown a lot academically in the last few years and will continue to need support in this area. He does like to read!  Antonio enjoys Christian music and has attended various religious services with previous foster families. Antonio needs a two parent family that can provide lots of supervision, support and structure. It would be best if there were only a few other children in the home.

Following adoption, he would need to maintain contact with his sister as well as other birth family members.
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