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Cyrus has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh. His foster mother makes sure he is always dressed nicely to show off how handsome he is. Cyrus is nonverbal, but communicates through other sounds and gestures. He is extremely close to his older brother and to his foster mother. It will be vital that he continues frequent contact with them after adoption. Cyrus has made much progress in his current home and is doing well in his high school program. Cyrus has the appetite of most teen boys and loves his foster mother’s home style cooking. It is clear when he is happy or sad and giggles and vocalizes when spending time with familiar people and family members. He loves keys, water, and simple toys.

Cyrus needs a patient and skilled family who has the ability to meet his physical and emotional needs. It is very important that a family is able to provide a high level of care and supervision. A family must be open to working closely with service providers.
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