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Meet Patience

Patience is a smart, inquisitive, and energetic girl who needs a forever home that will provide consistent safety and structure. Her adoptive family will need a plan in place for constant supervision of Patience. She would be best suited in a home where she is the only child living in the home. Patience enjoys being involved in karate, gymnastics, art projects, dancing and singing - She loves to play! She seems to be in a constant “go” mode. Other activities that are calming for her include listening to music, watching movies and reading. During the summer, she likes going swimming at the beach.

Following adoption, her current foster mother would like to remain in her life.  Patience also has three older brothers who have been placed in other adoptive homes, and she does visit them once in a while.  Due to these connections, only Minnesota families (metro area families would be ideal) are being considered at this time.
Ref #:4308
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