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Meet Ja'Mya

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Black or African American
Ja'Mya is a kind young lady who appears shy when first meeting new people. As she warms up to others, she likes to talk about her day, school, and activities. Ja’Mya enjoys painting her nails, listening to music, singing, and watching movies. Ja’Mya is a big Justin Bieber fan! Her favorite color is purple, and she loves gummy candies (especially peach rings).  Ja’Mya stated, “I enjoy helping others and making them feel better when they are sad. I like to laugh and I am outgoing”. She loves sports, computers, movies, outdoor activities, cooking, time with family and friends, fashion/beauty, and animals. The things that are the most important in her life are family, being liked and accepted, her education, friends, and keeping up her appearance. Ja’Mya would like to work on her independent living skills that would teach her to plan a meal, work on socializing more with others, and express what she is feeling. Ja’Mya is very helpful, creative, thoughtful, polite, fun and social, and intelligent. One day Ja’Mya would like to become a teacher and help others. She has a contagious smile and can make your day with a simple laugh.

Ja’Mya would benefit from a family that is very trustworthy and that will “treat her like a teenager”. She would also benefit from a family that would be very patient, kind, and provide structure and a routine. Following adoption, Ja’Mya would like to keep contact with some of her biological family.
Ref #:4348
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