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Meet Alexander

Alexander (Alex) enjoys swimming and playing on a gymnastics bar. He does not like loud noises.  However, he may enjoy the humming noise of a fan which appears to sooth him and help him relax and go to sleep.  Alexander uses communication cues such as motioning or pointing/staring at something he may want as well as some sign language to communicate - he uses approximately 15-20 signs to express his wants/needs.  Alex likes a variety of foods.  Currently, a couple of his favorites are chicken nuggets and hot dogs, but he is not a big fan of sandwiches or cheese.  Alex would do best in a family with stay at home parent or consistent staff that can give him a high level of supervision and hands on care to assist with his daily needs. Alex does best with consistent routine and when he is the main focus. The ideal family should be open to attending trainings and going to frequent medical appointments.  It would be best if there were not a lot of other children in the home.  Alexander needs a family that is willing to have service providers in the home and attend outside services to address his ongoing needs. Alexander will need lifelong support and supervision and needs a family willing to commit to his lifelong needs. It will also be very important for Alexander's parents to be strong advocates for him so that he receives all the educational supports needed to help him be successful.
Ref #:4385
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