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Meet Kortez

Kortez is a kindhearted and talkative young individual who likes to have fun with others. He has a great sense of awareness. He has a vivid memory and he is very observant about what others wear and say. Kortez is sweet, caring, and helpful. He enjoys playing outside, soccer, Nintendo Wii, and Pokemon cards. Kortez also has a huge drive to become famous one day through music. He loves singing, dancing, and playing different types of musical instruments. Kortez thrives on one on one attention as well. Kortez has been very patient waiting for a family. He would do best as an only child in the home.  Kortez also mentioned that he would like a cat, but he is very open-minded to having any types of pets.  Kortez will do well in a big city or on a farm as long as there is a strong support system for him to rely on and the right resources available for him to excel. A family for Kortez would need to be patient, understanding, and provide him with a lot of guidance. They would also need to be okay with Kortez keeping contact with some of his birth family following adoption.
Ref #:4439
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