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Meet Nevaeh

Female (cis/trans)
Black or African American
Nevaeh is a smiley young girl who enjoys listening to music and spending time with her siblings. She likes to clap her hands and loves to play with toys that make noises and play music.  Nevaeh is very social and likes to be involved in the activities that people around her are doing. She enjoys getting out of the house and going for a stroll or going to the park. When she is at home, she likes to sit on the floor or in a beanbag chair and watch and giggle at what is happening around her.  Nevaeh needs 24 hour care so the family would need to be open to the possibility of using outside services.  She needs a supportive family who can provide an unconditional commitment to her.  She would do well with either a single or two parent family and enjoys having other kids in the home.  

Following adoption, Nevaeh would need to maintain regular contact with her siblings.
Ref #:4036
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