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Meet Elijah

Elijah (Eli) is a fun teen who likes to be around people, both peers and adults. He is talkative and loves to engage in conversations. He likes to talk about his interests and engage in mature conversations. He loves active activities and enjoys running off his energy. Eli is a very curious individual and is very comfortable asking questions he has and/or seeking out answers he feels he needs. Eli is determined and at times strong-willed. He likes to be the boss and dictate what others are doing. He loves being engaged in the community. He enjoys eating out, being with his friends, playing video games, watching TV, playing with magic cards and archery. He likes just about every game that he plays in gym class and has an interest in playing hockey and baseball. Eli does well with structure, routine and a schedule. He is able to self-entertain when he has things he is interested in like books, comics, yo-yos, and skateboarding.

Eli would like a forever family that is nice, fun, has a good sense of humor, interactive. He would like a two parent family and would prefer to live in big town or city. He is good with pets. It is important for him that people listen to him, process things with him, and don't jump to just giving consequences. Eli wants a loving, patient family that will teach him important things he will need to know as he grows up. He does not have a preference for location. Eli would do best in a two parent home but an experienced single parent is okay too. He would thrive in a home that is well structured and where he is the youngest child in the home.

Following adoption, he would need to maintain contact with his younger brother.
Ref #:4465
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