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Meet Aaron


Aaron is a bright and interesting young fellow who is looking for a permanent family to call his own. Aaron is looking forward to being with a family that would support his interest in nature, prehistoric animals, and cooking! Some of Aaron's favorite places to visit include the Library, and Walmart, where he enjoys shopping for various games, books, and toys. His favorite shows on Netflix are "Planet Earth" and "Blue Planet." He is an avid researcher of animals and creatures in his spare time. His favorite things to cook at home include anything with seafood, banana bread, and other sweet baked goods.

Aaron has a younger brother who he would like to continue regular visits with.  Aaron is open to a variety of family structures, but would prefer to be the youngest child. Also, Aaron has always wanted pets, especially dogs and lizards. 

Only Minnesota families and families living in the surrounding states are being considered.

Ref #:4489
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