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Meet Thelma

Black or African American
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is a social butterfly who can be very chatty to individuals. When Thelma starts talking to someone she automatically befriends them. Thelma loves meeting new people and helping care for others.  She is a kind person who is open to many things. She describes herself as being caring, loving, sweet, and thoughtful. She is artistic. She enjoys drawing and painting in her free time.  She enjoys reading romance novels and enjoys listening to music as well. She recently took up exercising. She has expressed how working out helps her become less stressed. Thelma loves being in the kitchen. She cooks a meal or bakes something on a weekly basis. Thelma has a recipe for monkey bread memorized and she likes to make it for others.  Thelma has experienced a lot of disappointment in her life and needs a family that is patient and prepared to parent her through her grieving process. She would prefer living in a smaller community, but other locations will be considered. Thelma is open to all types of families and is okay with having pets in the home. Following adoption, Thelma would like to maintain contact with her birth siblings.
Ref #:4499
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