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Meet Thelma

Black or African American
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Thelma is an outgoing and chatty teenager who loves spending time with friends, talking on the phone and going out to eat. She describes herself as caring, loving and appreciative. She is currently volunteering at a nursing home and loves playing Uno with the residents. She dreams of going to college to be a nurse so that she can continue to work with the elderly population. As she nears adulthood, Thelma knows that she will need people to look out for her and care for her even past 18. She is seeking parents that will love, nurture and guide her throughout her life. Thelma has experienced a lot of loss and disappointment throughout her life and needs a family that is committed to parenting her throughout her life and allow her to grow with them. Additionally, Thelma has connections with a variety of birth family members so an adoptive family would need to embrace these additional relationships!
Ref #:4499
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