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Kevin is a curious, energetic and helpful boy. He has a BIG imagination and tells huge whoppers of tails (he flew a rocket! He calls the President! He hit a baseball across a WHOLE TOWN!!!). Kevin acts (and looks) much younger. He is easily mistaken for a 10-12 year old boy, and has the energy of a toddler. He's a bit of a people-pleaser.  He is friendly and open to meeting new adults and enthusiastic about having fun with them. Kevin can be very serious about manners, being scrupulously careful to make sure he’s said his please and thank yous, carrying dirty dishes to bussers in restaurants, and often wearing a tie upon first meeting a new adult.  As seen in the video above, he will teach you how to properly set a table. Kevin enjoys math, science, and social studies. He wants to learn more about history to “see if I can” (spoiler alert: he could). Kevin likes bowling, basketball, baseball, golf, Magic cards, Pokémon cards, and Minecraft. He also loves gardening, but needs supervision, or he’ll end up mowing a zigzag line across all the neighbors’ yards. He doesn’t like the act of reading (he needs more practice so it becomes less difficult), but he seems to love the stories you can get by reading, and will happily chatter away about his latest story every time you see him. But more than just about anything, he likes to run around outside, for hours and (exhausting!) hours, making up playing pretend and being a hero. Also, handing you earthworms when you least expect it. A typical conversation with Kevin: Him: We need to go buy me a harmonica. Adult: Are you into harmonicas now? Him: Uh, I’m a teenager? (rolls eyes) Teenagers need harmonicas? Adult: Oh, do teenagers play harmonicas? Him: Only, like, 98% of them, duh. That’s science. Kevin would prefer a mom and a dad. He likes all kinds of pets but NO TARANTULAS. He says he could have a “talky” or a “quiet” family, and is fine with siblings. Kevin will need a family with a lot of patience and mental energy, because he needs frequent reassurances and check-ins, as well as an adult willing to step in and provide structure and correction. Kevin is extremely sociable, but his social skills aren’t quite up to age level, so he needs a family that can help push him to develop his skills based on his actual age, but also give him breaks sometimes to act a bit younger, so he can relax. He can be very good with younger children, and he absolutely LOVES babies. He’s very bright, often the first in his classroom to finish assignments and then moving on to help others, but he also has a tendency to rush - his motor is ALWAYS on. Kevin wears his heart on his sleeve. When he’s happy, he glows. When he’s mad, his face scrunches up like a prune. Kevin doesn’t always realize this, however, and is still working on recognizing his feelings, when they’re happening, why they happen, what they’re called, and how to work with them and through them. Overall, Kevin needs a family who can balance rigid structure with genuine and frequent praise, reassurance, do-overs, and love.
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