Meet Kevin

Kevin is a curious, energetic, helpful boy. He has a BIG imagination and tells huge whoppers of tails (he flew a rocket! He calls the President! He hit a baseball across a WHOLE TOWN!!!). He is friendly and open to meeting new adults, and is enthusiastic about having fun with them. Kevin is very much a people-pleaser, being scrupulously careful to make sure he’s been fair and said his please and thank yous.

Overall, Kevin is a delightfully sweet, funny, energetic ball of stories. Kevin enjoys math, science, and social studies. He is currently learning about short division, all the things that are inside bodies, and space travel. Kevin likes bowling, basketball, baseball, Magic cards, Pokemon cards, and Minecraft. Kevin is also interested in the military and learning about and/or playing with toy guns and patriotic-themed toys.

Kevin would prefer a mom and a dad, and seems to bond pretty easily with women. He would enjoy a rural area because there are less car horns. He likes all kinds of pets but NO TARANTULAS. He says he could have a “talky” or a “quiet” family, and is fine with siblings, though would probably do best with older siblings. Kevin will need a family with a lot of patience and mental energy, because he often needs frequent reassurances and check-ins. Kevin works very hard to make sure adults are taken care of, think he’s super fun, and don’t spend too much money on him, so he’ll need a family that can teach him to be LESS considerate and LESS fun with adults, so he doesn’t bottle his feelings up and can just be a cranky kid sometimes! Kevin will also need a family that can advocate for him within the school system. He has an older brother he will need to maintain contact with following adoption.
Ref #:4579