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Meet Cloey

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Cloey is talkative, personable, and very humorous. She loves to laugh and tell jokes to make others laugh. Cloey describes herself as fashionable as well – skinny jeans, leggings, and crop tops are a few of her favorite clothing accessories. Some of her favorite foods include steak (with mashed potatoes), cream corn, salad and chocolate, but she hates most vegetables except green beans and peas. She enjoys watching and playing football and basketball with peers and she LOVES the Steal Venom ride at ValleyFair. Cloey also enjoys volleyball and hockey. Other hobbies include reading (currently reading the Crank series), shopping, playing video games, journaling, doing arts/crafts, doing puzzles, and skateboarding. Cloey likes rap, "Screamo" music, heavy metal, and country – artists such as Rittz, Lyke Bryan, and Beaking Benjamin. Currently, her favorite subjects in school are history and science. She enjoys understanding how things work. Her favorite movies are the Twilight Series, particularly Breaking Dawn, Part 1. While she used to want to be an attorney (public defender) to “help kids in the system,” Cloey is now interested in becoming a veterinarian given her affection for animals. She is very smart, determined, and a great advocate for herself.

Cloey is open to a two-parent household, a single mom, and same-sex couples. She would rather be the oldest of the kids in the household, but would like some younger siblings. Cloey LOVES indoor pets and hopes to have at least a cat. Cloey’s  location preferences change often, but right now she states she prefers being in southeastern Minnesota area since she is “settling in with school and friends”. However, Cloey remains open to other areas of the state, so this should not be a deterrent for families interested.

Following adoption, Cloey would need to maintain contact with her half-sister and other birth relatives. She also maintains relationships with former foster care providers who prove to be a positive presence in her life.
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