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Meet Daniel

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Daniel is an affectionate and curious boy.  He has an eagle eye for details and finds loose change almost everywhere he goes.  He loves to figure out how things work and, on occasion, he can even manage to reassemble whatever he has taken apart!  Eager to engage with people, Daniel starts at least half his sentences with “guess what” and then shares a fun fact or story.  Daniel has spent a lot of time in rural communities and he loves to be outdoors, collecting rocks, sticks, shells, leaves or anything else that catches his attention.  He would be an ideal geocaching partner and would be great company while tinkering in the garage.  He is a considerate kid who looks for ways to be helpful at home.  He loves mowing the lawn and shovelling so much that he doesn’t even think of them as chores.  Daniel very much wants to join a permanent family.  He would thrive with parents who are calm, patient, structured and loving.  Big groups of people tend to overwhelm him so a family with a quieter lifestyle and a predictable routine would be the best fit.  Although Daniel does well with other children, it would be ideal if he was an only child or significantly younger than other children in the home.  Only Midwest families are being considered at this time.
Ref #:4633
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