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Meet Ethan

Black or African American
Ethan is a funny, curious and creative kid that will always love Frozen! He knows his way around the kitchen and laundry room and is often seen helping out with daily chores. Ethan can be shy at first but once he gets to know people, he can be the life of the party! Ethan enjoys listening to music when he needs some time to chill and says that Chris Brown is his favorite. He likes a lot of outdoor activities- going swimming, hiking around small trails, drawing with chalk, going on bike rides and gardening! He also likes to relax and watch movies and Frozen YouTube videos, put puzzles together and draw in his free time. Someone that worked closely with Ethan described him as "smart, creative, talented, caring and full of potential.  Ethan truly wants to be the best version of himself and is constantly trying to learn and grow."  Others describe him as a hard worker, a kind and passionate person and a joy to be around. Ethan is adored by so many and has a bright future ahead! Ethan has experienced a lot of changes over the past couple of years that were difficult to process but he has grown and learned so much in the last year! A family for Ethan would need to provide a lifelong commitment and provide consistency and structure for Ethan moving forward. Following adoption, he will need to maintain contact with birth siblings in the Twin Cities area.
Ref #:4407
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