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Meet Justin

Black or African American
Justin is kind, caring, funny, and considerate. Typically, he tends to sit back to observe and listen to the environment around him, but he will initiate and engage when he has something to say. His bright personality shines when he's around people he knows well and feels comfortable with. Justin’s favorite subjects in school are math and reading. Looking to the future, he has an interest in IT as a possible career. In his free time Justin enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games on his tablet and gaming system, going to the gym to lift weights, and listening to music (his current favorite is Panic! At the Disco)! He takes care to look nice and make sure his shoes match his outfit each day.  When talking about permanency, Justin would prefer to stay in a suburban area where there are multiple opportunities for different activities for him to do.  Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.
Ref #:4670
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