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Meet Kyli

Black or African American, Caucasian
Kyli is a very friendly, laid-back and talkative young lady.  She is an avid Minnesota Vikings fan and will cheer on whoever is playing the Green Bay Packers.  She love to watch YouTube videos and keep in touch with friends on social media.  Kyli also loves basketball and softball.  She previously played both sports - a family who would help her get back into playing sports would be wonderful. Kyli loves to talk about things she knows and when she is interested in something she will dive right in and learn as much as possible.  She would like a two parent home but is open to a one-parent home.  She would like to have pets but that is not a deal breaker.  Kyli would prefer to live in a city versus the country and needs an environment with predictable and consistent rules.
Ref #:4705
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