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Meet Kyli

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Black or African American, Caucasian
Kyli is friendly, laid-back and talkative. She likes all types of movies and loves DQ Blizzards and FLAMIN’ HOT CHEETOS, but she doesn't like shopping. She loves to be involved in sports and participates in basketball and softball. She is also very interested in professional football and is an avid Minnesota Vikings fan! She can tell you all about the teams, coaches and why every NFL team is better than the Green Bay Packers! Kyli also has an interest in politics. She is able to discuss her political views and follows politics closely. School is very important to Kyli. Kyli would like a home with two parents and pets. She is also open to a one-parent home with pets if it’s a good fit. She would prefer to live in the city versus the country. Attending church and youth group is also important to Kyli. She does best in an environment with predictable, consistent rules and the same schedule each day.
Ref #:4705
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