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Meet Dominick

Dominick is an energetic and friendly teenager who enjoys being social and busy. He likes to be outside and loves animals. He enjoys swimming, four-wheeling, and riding horse. Dominick likes to help out with mechanical projects such as fixing cars, lawn mowers, and other machinery-with the assistance from an adult. Dominick would prefer his adoptive home to be one that has land and possibly a farm with animals.  If there are other children in the home, it would be best if they were male.  Dominick is a very likable child who strives to be kind and helpful.  A family best suited for Dominick would be one who can provide consistent rules, boundaries and consequences. Dominick would thrive in a stable, loving, family based home.

Following adoption, Dominick would need to maintain contact with his grandparents.
Ref #:4746
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