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Meet Sean

Caucasian, Hispanic

Sean is a charismatic, friendly, easy to like, funny teen who shows lots of empathy and compassion towards others.  Sean describes himself as a talkative guy who isn't shy.  He likes remote control helicopters and cars, Legos and Star Wars.  Sean enjoys playing games, dancing, telling jokes, reading, electronics and listening to classical music.  Sean enjoys playing baseball as well as watching sports on TV - football, baseball and basketball.  He likes being active and spending time outdoors doing things like biking, swimming, jumping on the trampoline and running.  Sean's favorite class is science.  Some of his favorite foods include cheese roll-ups, pizza, slushies, pizza rolls, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and plain rice with butter.  Sean likes cats and dogs (but only nice ones) and would enjoy having a pet, especially a cat.  He would like a two-parent family with a mom and dad, who live in a city someplace between Minneapolis and Duluth with room to play outside - he would definitely enjoy having a pool in the backyard. He is open to having siblings, but he would prefer there not be too many other children in the home.   The placement agency is hoping to find a Minnesota family for Sean.

Ref #:4766
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