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Meet Sean

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Caucasian, Hispanic
Sean is a very energetic and sweet young boy who likes to do a lot of different activities.  Sean loves meeting new people. He can be very friendly and can be a chatter box with adults and peers his own age. His favorite sport to play is basketball, but he enjoys playing football as well. One of Sean’s favorite hobbies is playing the Nintendo Wii. His favorite game to play is Mario Cart and Minecraft.  Sean likes to play with Magic cards, Pokémon cards, read, draw, and go on fun field trips. Sean is also not a picky eater and he loves eating all types of food. Sean has mentioned how he would like to have a two parent family or a single parent family. Sean is open to siblings and he likes animals. Sean needs a family that can provide him with a lot of structure, patience, support and a consistent routine. Sean does very well with one on one attention. Following adoption, Sean would need to maintain contact with his sibling.
Ref #:4766
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