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Meet Maanza

Black or African American
Meet Maanza! When he is secure and happy, Maanza will greet you with an ear to ear smile and loves trying new things. Active and fun loving, Maanza loves basketball, football, swimming, and bike riding. He has enjoyed camping and going to water parks. Maanza prefers swimming in a pool to a lake. He says he is good at art, not so much drawing, but coloring, painting, and pastels. He enjoys pop, hip hop, and rap music; watching cartoons or the Disney channel on TV; and loved Black Panther and other Marvel movies.

Maanza has lived in cities and suburbs and prefers these settings for an adoptive home. He looks forward to having both a mom and a dad to love him. He can also imagine life with a single dad. Maanza can imagine working out at the gym with his dad, playing video games, and sharing snacks. He can also imagine chilling out with his mom, helping her clean the house, and giving and receiving hugs. He hopes to have a pet or pets in his adoptive home and enjoys dogs of any size or breed, cats, and guinea pigs. Maanza is open to having siblings or being an only child in his new home. Maanza said he wants an adoptive family so he doesn’t need to move from home to home. Maanza hopes his new parents will be safe, good, and kind adults.
Ref #:4787
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