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Meet Jayden

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Talkative, polite, quirky, and funny are all great ways to describe Jayden. Jayden is engaging and will share what’s on his mind. He has a big heart and is loyal to the people he is closest to. Jayden is an avid reader and can spend a day lost in the pages of a sci-fi or Greek mythology book. In between trips to the library, Jayden likes to spend time on computers and playing video games. Within the last year, he has had the opportunity to participate in archery club and robotics club, and in the past, he has been involved in 4-H, church youth groups, and swimming classes. Jayden doesn’t love being the center of attention, but he has a true desire to make friends and maintain those relationships. Jayden is proud of his southern roots and has some cool, nostalgic stories from his time spent living in the south. Jayden has many goals for his future including having a successful career as a computer scientist. He also hopes that he can delve into his love for old-school muscle cars and even own a handful of these cars.

The right family for Jayden will need to have a good amount of patience and humor. The family will need to be able to provide a calm, stimulating, and predictable environment for Jayden. The family will need to help Jayden with maintaining relationships with certain family members and friends. Also, they would need to provide opportunities for Jayden to be involved in social activities (i.e. 4-H, Lego Robotics, etc.). Jayden has shared that he would prefer to be in a mom and dad family with older children or no other children in the home. Jayden is fine with pets and used to have a dog and a cat. Jayden is open to living almost anywhere in Minnesota including the metro-area, but he doesn’t want to be in “the big city."
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