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Talkative, polite, quirky, and funny are all great ways to describe Jayden. Jayden shares what’s on his mind, but he’s also very introspective. If Jayden could spend the day doing anything it would be playing video games or spending time on the computer. However, Jayden has many interests including playing chess, watching Dr. Who, building with Legos, collecting Pokémon cards, Harry Potter, Transformers, movies, and looking through car magazines. He loves to read.  He seems to be most interested in technology and is quite “tech savvy” – he once participated in the robotics club at school. His taste in music varies from country music singers like Toby Keith to rappers like French Montana. Jayden really likes for things to be “fair” and he will note when he feels that there is a lack of fairness – especially when it comes to the people he cares about. In the past, Jayden has participated in youth group, 4-H Club, summer bible camp, and swimming lessons and he really enjoyed each of these experiences.

Jayden has shared that he would prefer to be in a mom and dad family with older children or no other children in the home. Jayden previously had dogs and cats in previous foster homes and was given 2 small bantam chickens which he may like to care for again, but he generally talks about wanting a dog in his new home.  Jayden is open to living almost anywhere in Minnesota including the metro-area, but he doesn’t want to be in “the big city” or live too remotely (he says he wants to be close enough to town to be able to do things with friends after school).  The right family for Jayden will need to have a good amount of patience and humor. The family will need to help Jayden with maintaining relationships with certain family members. Also, they would need to provide opportunities for Jayden to be involved in social activities (i.e. 4-H Club, Lego Robotics, swimming, etc.) and continue to work with him on improving his social skills.
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