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Meet Natasha

American Indian/Alaskan Native, Caucasian
Natasha has a calm and quiet disposition.  She is tall for a girl her age and that height comes in handy because she loves to play basketball and is also interested in volleyball.  Although she may look slightly older than she is, at heart Natasha is still very much a girl in no particular hurry to grow up.  She is not one to spend all morning in the bathroom primping; she would rather be comfortable and just get on with her day.  She is kind to younger children and has been a great asset at the daycare center her foster mother runs.  Natasha enjoys spending time with adults and patiently answers any question she is asked.  She is not prone to idle chatter, though, and will sometimes fall silent simply because she doesn’t have more to say.  With people she is comfortable with, however, Natasha can be chatty and goofy.  Natasha’s Christian faith is important to her and she gets a lot of comfort from participating in religious activities. 

The right family for Natasha will be calm, kind and patient.  Natasha will thrive in a family that likes to spend time together doing everything from puzzles to baking to bike rides.  Natasha would do well in a family with other children, as long as they are not teen girls (too much drama!)  A family where she is the only child or significantly younger than other siblings would also work well.  She would prefer a family with a mom.  Natasha does best with a predictable schedule and a supportive, affectionate parenting style.  Because faith is important to Natasha, a family that is religious or willing to join a religious community would be the best fit.
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