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Meet Quentin

Quentin is a very sweet boy who is insightful and has a great memory.  He likes to play lacrosse, basketball, football, listen to rap music, eat snack foods and read series books.  Quentin loves to read and is very intuitive. He learns a lot from the books that he reads and even won an essay contest at school.  Quentin likes teaching younger children and interacts well with them. He also really enjoys spending time with adults. He likes to be active and does very well with hands on activities as he is a visual learner.  Those around Quentin admire that he is funny, smart, perceptive and remembers everything you say. Quentin has a great sense of humor, connects with others, is artistic, a good thinker and is very resilient. Quentin really thrives when he knows that he is being supported and cared for from the adults in his life.  It would be best if there were only a few or no other children in the home.  Following adoption, Quentin would need to maintain contact with his grandmother, great aunt, brother and some of his former coaches.

Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.
Ref #:4850
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