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Meet Sharice

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Black or African American
Sharice is an engageable young woman, who may be quiet at first but she quickly warms up to people and likes to be very social. At times Sharice struggles relating to peers, she seems to prefer adult interactions, though is always craving those peer relationships and acceptance.  Sharice loves to cook - she makes delicious fried chicken! She loves to shop - she is a very speedy & thrifty shopper! She enjoys playing board games, computer games, and watching reality TV shows. Sharice also loves to get her hair & nails done, wear heels and she is a great dresser. Sharice likes to be neat and organized with her belongings, cleaning is one of her coping skills. She has a wonderful singing voice and a smile that can light up a room! Sharice used to do Cheerleading and would like to join cheer and/or dance line soon. When she becomes and adult, Sharice would like be a teacher & live in Seattle, Washington.

Sharice has lived in the cities, in the suburbs, and in a rural town and there were pieces she liked about all of those places. Sharice would do best in a two parent household, probably either a mom/dad or mom/mom home.  Sharice shares that her siblings "are my world". A family for Sharice would need to be open to on-going contact/visits with siblings, as well as, with healthy biological family members.
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