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Amani is fun, engaging, and driven! She has big goals for herself and her sisters, and is always looking for opportunities to grow her independence. She recently got her driver’s license and has been working part time while attending high school. Amani is very excited for graduation and is looking forward to her future! Attending college is in her plans, and she’s excited to continue working on her goals. Amani likes to spend as much time as she can with the important people in her life (friends and family). She’s insightful and sensitive, and will talk with you about anything from the song she has on repeat right now to how she thinks her past experiences have prepared her for the future.  She can be incredibly playful and silly, and has a great sense of humor, especially when she is with her sisters. 

Ashante is full of teenage energy and spirit! She is engaging and has a quirky personality- she is full of life and always in pursuit of more to do! She is outgoing and loves to spend time with her sisters and friends. She has a twinkle in her eye and likes to be playful and silly. She can be quiet and contemplative, especially when she's navigating strong feelings around family and finding a sense of belonging. She craves time with her people and likes to be busy. She is a loving sister and is always looking for ways to connect with her siblings. Ashante has a quick wit and often has a bright smile on her face. She is talkative, personable, and likes to make the people around her laugh.

Iyahna is as sweet as can be - she is kind, thoughtful, and has a cheeky sense of humor. She likes to be active and play outside, but is also happy inside making art or just hanging around with her people. She loves to read and she reads all kinds of stuff! She is particularly into graphic novels and comic books right now, but is also working her way through some young adult science fiction novels. She's creative and is always working on a project. Iyahna has a bright smile and loves to go to school so she can be with her friends and teachers. She misses her siblings and takes advantage of every opportunity to see them. She gets along with most everyone she meets and is really personable. She can be shy when you first meet her, but she warms up quickly and likes to get to know you! She asks good questions and is curious about the world around her.
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