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Meet Lasall

Black or African American
Lasall is a polite, respectful, and soft spoken young man. He enjoys spending time with his many friends and is well-liked by both his peers and his foster providers. Recently he has been learning about communication and self-advocacy skills and has realized his strengths in these areas. He enjoys sports, especially playing basketball. He has also developed an interest in working on cars. Lasall loves fast food, especially Burger King and Little Cesar's Pizza. He's into video games as well. Lasall has always been a city kid and would like to stay in the metro area. There is not a strong preference for family structure or configuration, though a strong male influence would be ideal. He does very well with younger children and animals and would like to have younger siblings and pets. Following adoption, he would need to maintain contact and visits with his siblings and other family members.
Ref #:4878
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