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 is often a delightful and endearing child. He is friendly and open—quick to grasp the hand of an adult and excited for his next adventure. His enthusiasm and positivity are infectious and it is easy to get caught up in whatever activity he suggests, from rolling down a grassy hill to a rousing Nerf gun battle at the park. He will exuberantly show off his most recent Lego creation or art project and he relishes adult attention. Although he loves to be outside and to be active, he is an urban kid without a lot of experience in nature. He loves to toss the football, shoot baskets, jump on trampolines and float in pools.

Riley has an older brother who he loves deeply and grew up with and it is extremely important that they stay in frequent contact. They love to hang out together at the YMCA (or, even better, an arcade) and then hit Leeann Chin’s; they both think orange chicken is delicious and have fun practicing their chopsticks skills.

Riley is looking for a two parent, mom/dad family. He needs patient and affectionate parents who are warm and encouraging. He is a busy, active kid so a family that likes to get out and do things is key. Riley loves to play with other kids but he can sometimes struggle with jealousy when he needs to share adult attention. For that reason, it would be best for him to be the youngest and possibly only child. Riley needs to stay connected to his African-American heritage and community, but he is open to parents of any race. Riley needs parents that can stick with him while he works through the adjustment to a new family.
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