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Meet Ricco

American Indian/Alaskan Native
Ricco is extremely charming and outgoing. He can make anyone laugh with his engaging sense of humor.  Ricco is very talkative and a great conversationalist, but will sometimes need time to himself to settle down. He is intelligent and picks up new information easily, which helps him to interact with people easily.  Ricco loves basketball and sports in general. He is very active and enjoys the outdoors. He is used to having a local community center where he can go and engage with other children in activities. Ricco also loves animals and is used to living with dogs and cats. Ricco likes music of all types. His favorite food is spaghetti right now, but it changes regularly due to his love for food.

Ricco would like to live in a town that is medium size with things to do, but would prefer not to live in a huge city.  He would like a family that is active and willing to go and do new things.  He would also like a family that is understanding and accommodating of his need to spend time with his biological siblings. A family that is laid back and easy going would be a plus for Ricco to help him through some rough patches every now and then. It would be beneficial for Ricco to have other boys his age in the home or in the larger family group that he could spend time with.  It is preferred that Ricco is placed with a Native American family.  ICWA applies.
Ref #:4915
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