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Meet Zander

American Indian/Alaskan Native, Caucasian
Zander is a very sweet, honest, considerate and caring child.  He can also be described as talkative, engaging, active and helpful. Zander is a sports fanatic and enjoys hockey, basketball, baseball and football. He loves playing his PlayStation 3, and he very much enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing. Zander is very competitive and enjoys challenging himself in new talents and tasks. As far as Zander's favorite school subject is concerned, he loves mathematics. He is not a fan of science or English though.  Zander is not a picky eater and will try any food that is prepared for him, except Chinese food. Tacos are one of his favorite meals.

Zander would prefer to remain living in northeastern Minnesota so that he can be close to his siblings. He does not have a preference for living in the country or the city.  However, he does enjoy country living because he likes to ride four-wheeler, jump on the trampoline, assist with chores and spend time with animals.  He would benefit from having a positive male role model in his life, preferably one who will take him out on the boat fishing. Zander is comfortable with pets being in his adoptive home and he isn't opposed to being placed with adoptive siblings. Zander enjoys staying active and he yearns to be with a family who will support his active and energetic lifestyle. He would thrive in a home that values sports, outdoor activities and physical activity.  He gets bored easily, so it is important for him to be doing something at all times. Zander is an exceptional athlete and is a very competitive child who thrives on being the best that he can be. He is also very motivated about getting good grades and forming positive relationships. 

Zander has a strong connection to his siblings and will need to maintain contact with them following adoption.
Ref #:4926
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