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Meet Nikolas

Nikolas (Nik) is talkative and has an outgoing personality. He is bright, enjoys school and does well academically.  Nik likes to stay active and enjoys playing sports like football, basketball and baseball. He also likes playing video games and collecting magic cards.  He enjoys going out to eat and likes most foods.  Nik likes most types of music, but rap is one of his favorites.  He has expressed wanting a family that lives in a rural area; however, he would be happy to live anywhere in MN.  Nik would benefit from being the only child in the home or the youngest child in the home.  He enjoys animals and has mentioned that he feels, if given the opportunity, that he would like living on a farm.

Following adoption, Nik would need to maintain contact with his sibling and his birth father.
Ref #:4929
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