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Meet Joi

Female (cis/trans)
Black or African American
Are you looking to make a real difference in the life of a teen who longs for an adoptive family and the chance to be “normal”?  Sensitive, caring Joi may be the daughter for you!  She has had a very difficult life, but despite how scary adoption feels, she does want to be claimed by a compassionate and caring family.  Joi is wise enough to know that she missed out on many childhood experiences because of all the moves and trauma she has experienced and is eager to try lots of new things with her new family.  She is also insightful enough into her own needs to want a family who will get her the ongoing services she requires.  When asked how she would describe herself to prospective adoptive families, Joi said she is a kind soul, has come through a lot and is still standing, and that she is always looking toward the future.

Joi enjoys writing, dancing, and making people laugh.  She enjoys various kinds of food and likes to cook.  Joi likes to swim and play basketball, although she is not necessarily looking to join a team.  Joi describes herself as a creative person who likes to draw, make cards, and try various art projects.  In her free time, she likes to write poetry or journal, watch movies, take photographs, or be on her cell phone.  Joi enjoys shopping, socializing with friends, and singing.  She would love to be able to try new things and travel with her new family or just sit at home and play cards or board games.  If she could travel anywhere, she would go to Seattle and explore Washington state.  She loves the rain and the scenery in that part of the country and has thought about attending college in that state.  Right now, Joi is thinking she would like to study business management in college and start a group home to give back to others who need help, like she has.  She has also considered becoming a singer or a writer.  Her favorite class in school is Personal Development, because the students choose the topics they would like to explore.  Joi's least favorite subject in school is math, but appreciates it when she has a math teacher who explains things.  She also LOVES animals, so pets in her new family would be a plus, especially cuddly pets like dogs or cats.

Joi has a preference for a single mom, two moms, or two dads.  She is open to race and ethnicity of her adoptive family, but does prefer a family that can be supportive of her Christian faith and understands the importance of ethnically appropriate hair care for African American girls.  Joi would like to attend church and youth group, but is OK if her adoptive parents do not do so.  Joi wants a family that will support her continuing relationships with her adult brother and grandmother, as that is all the birth family she has left.  She is willing to live in the suburbs, in the city, a small town, or in the country.  She would prefer some diversity in her community and school.  She would prefer to live within an hour’s drive of the Twin Cities.  Joi hopes her family will understand that she is developing as a young woman and wants to be part of decision making in her life.  Most of all, she needs a family that will earn her trust, provide both nurturing and structure, and focus on the amazing teen that she is.
Ref #:4935
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