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Meet Katrina

Katrina or Kat (the nickname suits her well since she LOVES cats and has been known to wear cat ears, paw gloves and a tail, just for fun!) is fun-loving and sporty.  The YMCA is one of her favorite places.  In the summer, she can be found diving into the pool and in the winter she is on the basketball or racquetball court.  She doesn’t necessarily know the rules to these games, but her enthusiasm and stamina more than make up for that!  She likes to be outside too and enjoys biking, hiking, sledding and skating, depending on the season.  Kat is a fan of PB&J, all varieties of beef jerky and she recently discovered Nutella!  She happily sings along to current pop and rock songs, but she makes it no secret that she HATES country music.  She can be stubborn and opinionated, but Kat’s feistiness is one of her best qualities.  She is curious and open to trying new activities.  She adores animals (even lizards!).  Kat enjoys arts and crafts and she has made some beautiful beaded necklaces for herself and for friends.  The right family for Kat will be active and funny.  Kat loves one on one time and would do best in a family that has a lot of time and energy to devote to her.  When Kat gets frustrated or upset, she tends to respond best to clear redirection that is delivered without criticism.  A family that can overlook some sass and focus on building a relationship with Kat would be ideal.  Kat is open to all family configurations, but somewhat prefers a family in which there is at least one mom.   Kat has done fine with foster siblings, but she would likely thrive in a family where she could be the youngest or only child and finally get the attention she so deserves.
Ref #:4988
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