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Meet Katrina

Katrina (Kat) is fun-loving and very is easy to get along with! She is creative and very artistic. She loves Japanese Manga, Pokémon and cartoon comedy. Kat loves to learn interesting facts and wants to explore more ways to do art and develop her drawing skills. She often communicates best through her drawings and is very relational. Kat also adores animals (even lizards)!  She happily sings along to current pop and rock songs (80’s music is her favorite), but she makes it no secret that she does not like country music. She can be stubborn and opinionated, but Kat’s feistiness and debating spirit is one of her best qualities. She is curious and open to trying new activities but may need a bit of persuasion from time to time. Kat always asks good questions and can engage in intellectual conversations She has no problem having her voice be heard and advocates for herself very well.  

A family for Kat would need to be open to the idea of humor (including sarcasm) and enjoy learning about her. Kat loves one-on-one relationship building and would do best in a family that has a lot of time and energy to devote to her. It would be best if Kat was the youngest or only child in the home so that she can get the attention she so deserves.
Ref #:4988
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