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Meet Brandon

Black or African American
Brandon describes himself as a caring and respectful teen who has a strong ability to advocate for himself and for others.  He can be a leader with his peers when given some guidance and the opportunity.  His two favorite words are resilience and optimism, because these are two of his biggest strengths.  He is open-minded and is able to have a conversation with many different types of people.  Brandon values his independence, and he would enjoy having people around him who support him in his goals and share some of his interests.  Brandon’s team describes him as engaging, funny, smart and insightful.  He likes to be active and loves playing basketball and football. 

Brandon is open to a 1 or 2 parent household of any gender and would prefer living in a more rural or urban environment.  He would do well in a structured and nurturing family setting where he is the youngest or the only child in a home.  Following adoption, Brandon would need to maintain contact with his brother.
Ref #:4781
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