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Meet Phoenx

Phoenx is a teen with a lot of emerging talents such as his impressive drawing skills.  Phoenx says if he were a Pokémon he would be Marshadow, because he is strong and shy.  In his free time Phoenx enjoys reading, assembling legos, playing video games, watching movies (a few favorites are X-Men, Spiderman, Venom, Resident Evil, Underworld) and all things anime.  He also enjoys singing and often sings along to the radio if Skillet, Three Days Grace or Lincoln Park is playing.  Phoenx would like a family that can provide structure, predictability and encourage him to reach his goals as well as help teach him independent living skills.  Phoenx would prefer to live in a rural setting and would love to have pets.

Following adoption, Phoenx would need to maintain contact with relatives who are important to him.
Ref #:5021
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