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Meet Arielle

Black or African American
Arielle enjoys sports, especially basketball and football.  She also likes going to the YMCA and working out on the machines or playing basketball. Arielle would benefit from a family that enjoys being active, both physically as well as active in the community. Arielle does well with her peers at school. She was recently on the honor role, and her favorite subject is science! She likes being inventive and making things like lava lamps and storm bottles. She can be shy and introverted until she gets to know you.  Arielle is open to the idea of adoption and has some insight as to what she would want in a family - she wants a family who cares about how her day was and asks how she is. She is open to any type of family composition.

Following adoption, Arielle would need to maintain contact with her siblings and other birth family members.
Ref #:5036
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