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Meet Sierra

When asked to describe Sierra anyone who knows her will immediately say she is incredibly “sweet!” Sierra is a kind, helpful, polite, fun, outgoing and hard-working teen. She loves basketball, swimming, music and animals. Sierra really enjoys singing in choir and caring for all of the animals at her current foster home! She loves being outdoors, gardening, and enjoying the country lifestyle. Sierra likes athletics and it shows when you see her with her rowdy brothers; she might be much smaller, but she holds her own in competitive attitude! She likes being active and trying new things, but routine and consistently are good too. Sierra absolutely loves school! She enjoys staying organized, being social with her many friends, and experiencing team dynamics. She participated in basketball, track, choir, and even bowling at school. Sierra is active, ambitious, and optimistic about the future.

Sierra will enjoy a family with an active, fun lifestyle who will keep her busy with the day-to-day rhythm of their home and the opportunity to try new things. A family for Sierra will build on the progress she has made in her current foster home by providing patient and thoughtful guidance. She thrives when expectations and boundaries are clearly explained to her. Sierra has three brothers to whom she is devoted; she loves her role as their only sister. A must for any family for Sierra is a commitment to keeping these sibling connections strong. One or two parent families will be considered, and a strong female lead is preferred. Sierra has lived in both a small town and rural environments, and she could thrive in similar settings. Sierra is open to all areas of Minnesota and would like to have multiple pets in the home.

Following adoption, Sierra would need to maintain contact with her younger brother and biological aunt whom she has close relationships with.
Ref #:5050
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