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Meet Tyrese

Black or African American, Caucasian
Tyrese loves to be active and has a lot to say! He loves all kinds of sports and activities and is currently in football camp.  He loves riding his bike around town and spending his summer days fishing. He also really likes video games and Magic the Gathering card games. He is a curious and smart kid that asks a lot of questions and likes to talk with others. He claims to be lactose intolerant except for when it comes to chocolate milk, ice cream and cheese pizza! He loves animals and would do great with pets. 

Ty has experienced a lot in his short life and his time in foster care. A family for Tyrese would be patient, forgiving, strong willed and consistent. Ty would do best in a family that can provide him with lots of attention and a predictable routine. He does best when he knows what to expect. Additionally, Ty needs a family that can celebrate small successes and chose which battles to engage. Ty thrives when he is active and moving around, so a family that can match his energy and assist him in channeling it into sports and other activities would be preferred.
Ref #:5081
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