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Meet Dionna

American Indian/Alaskan Native
Dionna is funny, helpful, laid back and insightful.  She describes herself as quiet at first, but outgoing once she gets to know you.  Dionna's favorite season is summer.  Her favorite subjects in school are art and language arts.  She enjoys playing volleyball and basketball.  She also likes listening to hip hop, rap and pop music.  

Dionna would like an active family who likes to do things outside of the home and are supportive of her interests.  She is open to the possibilities of who will parent her, but would prefer to be the only child or the youngest child in the home.  She would enjoy having a large extended family though.  Dionna would like to remain in the Twin Cities area so that she can continue to have contact with her brother, birth mom and friends.  She is open to having pets, like a cat and dog.

ICWA applies.  The placement agency is considering non-ICWA families as well.
Ref #:5090
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