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Meet Alicia

Alicia is a very expressive and talkative teenager. She is feisty and tough but also very kindhearted and self-reflective. Alicia has a great sense of humor and enjoys fun with friends and family. Alicia can be shy around new people, but she is very social and outgoing around those with whom she is very comfortable with. She loves to stay busy and enjoys working, going shopping and going for walks or bike rides. Alicia also enjoys going fishing and really values quality time with others. It is important to Alicia that her future family spend a lot of time together. She loves animals and would love to be in a home with pets. She likes to be outdoors in the country, but prefers close access to stores, restaurants, friends and community events. Alicia would do best in a family who can provide structure and routine while being firm and forgiving.
Ref #:5099
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