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Meet Treyveon

Treyveon (Trey) describes himself as "funny and athletic."  He loves sports and has played on his school basketball and football teams.  He also likes soccer and swimming.  He enjoys spending time with his friends and riding his bike to places like the YMCA or the library.  Trey likes to help out at his foster home with things like shoveling snow, vacuuming and other household cleaning tasks.  Some of Trey's favorite food include pizza, hot wings, French fries, chicken nuggets and pork roast.  His favorite subjects in school are gym, reading and science.

A two-parent family with a strong male presence would be the best fit for Trey.  He would like to continue participating in sports, spending time with his friends and doing various other activities that are typical for kids his age.  He attended a church camp recently and really enjoyed it and would like to participate in a youth group or a summer church camp.  Trey likes pets and would be open to having a pet in the home.
Ref #:5121
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