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Meet Devin

Devin has a huge smile and an even bigger heart. He is a smart, kind, well mannered, honest, caring, loving little boy with so much to offer.  He has the type of personality that draws you in and makes you love him, as he is engaging and joyful.  Devin loves animals and enjoys learning new things.  He enjoys both being active, and having a chance to work his mind. He likes being outside - going for walks and playing sports.  He loves name brand clothing and loves to shop. He also likes to have time indoors doing things like crafting with play dough, drawing, playing games or just snuggling under his blanket. He also enjoys using his 30 minutes of DS time a day.  Some of his favorite foods are spaghetti, tacos and ice cream.

Devin needs a consistent and structured, yet easy-going two-parent family.  A home where he is the youngest child with older brothers or the only child in the home would be the best for Devin.

Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.
Ref #:5136
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