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Meet Zaiden

American Indian/Alaskan Native, Caucasian
Zaiden describes himself as funny, caring, and competitive. His favorite things in life include playing football, playing video games, and joking around with others. He enjoys helping around the house by cleaning, and wants to please his caregivers. Zaiden enjoys school most of the time; his favorite subject is gym. When he is playing a competitive sport, Zaiden shines with excitement and energy, especially if he is winning. Zaiden does like some animals (horses and dogs in particular), but has not lived with pets for a few years. Zaiden would do best in a two parent home, and one that will be able to provide consistent supervision and structure to his day. He also would prefer to be the youngest, or only child, in the home, but wouldn’t mind siblings that were older (and could share in some of his interests). He thrives off one-on-one attention.

Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.
Ref #:5192
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