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Meet Tristin

Tristin is a social teen who is looking for a family who can stick with him through the difficult times, even when he tries to push them away.  He enjoys being active and loves pets, especially dogs.  Tristin has his own dog who is currently living with his grandmother, but Tristin would like a family who would be open to allowing his dog to come with him.  Tristin also enjoys participating in sports.  His favorite sport is wrestling, and he just started baseball this spring.  He also enjoys reading; his favorite books are the Percy Jackson series. Tristin is seeking a two parent family, preferably a mom and dad, as he would like a male role model in his life. He would do best as an only child. Parents who can be nurturing, yet firm would be the best fit for him.  Tristin’s new family would be strongly encouraged to maintain his connection with his grandmother.

Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.
Ref #:5204
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