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Meet Jonathan

Jonathan has a contagious smile and a great sense of humor.  He enjoys 1:1 attention and is extremely loyal to those he is close with.  He can be very helpful especially when it comes to hands-on activities.  He does well when he has a physical task to tackle, such as building something.  Jonathan enjoys the outdoors where he can ride four-wheeler, go biking and snowmobiling.  His favorite activity is fishing!  He also likes playing basketball and football and has an interest in car racing.  When he's not outside, he can be found playing video games or working on building something.  He is a very hands on learner and enjoys taking things apart as well as reconstructing things.

Jonathan needs a family who can provide structure, routine and concrete expectations.  He would prefer that he is either the youngest child or the only child in the home.  He would like to live in a city setting where he can be around people.  He enjoys fishing and doing other types of outdoor activities, so an active family would be ideal.

Following adoption, Jonathan would need to maintain contact with his two older sisters.
Ref #:5211
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