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Meet Gabriel

Black or African American, Caucasian
Gabe has a great sense of humor and enjoys joking around and making other people laugh.  He can be very talkative, especially about music and video games.  He can also be strong willed at times and admittedly likes to get the last word in most conversations.  He is naturally athletic and excels in nearly all sports, with his favorites being football and basketball.  When he's not busy with sports, he is usually listening to music or playing video games.  He is very interested in current rap and hip-hop artists like Drake.  He is also open to listening to new and different music and enjoys discovering new artists.  Like most teenage boys, Gabe loves video games and claims he could play them all day long.  He isn't really into any TV shows or movies and would rather read a book.  Recently, he has been reading Wings of Fire books, which he has moved through quickly.  Gabe is very interested in looking good and is especially interested in sneakers.  He is always researching and talking about the latest and greatest shoes and his plans to get them.

Gabe would do well in a family that is active, likes sports, and enjoys being outdoors.  He has recently started learning more about Native American traditions and is very interested in the Native American culture.  A family who had some knowledge or willingness to learn about Native American culture would be ideal.  A strong male role model would be a positive for Gabe, but he is open to any type of family.  However, he would prefer to live in Northern Minnesota.  It would be best if Gabe was the only child in the home.
Ref #:5220
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