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Meet Arianna

Black or African American
Arianna is an introverted extrovert. She is very social and has an excellent sense of humor, but occasionally prefers to spend time alone processing and relaxing. Arianna can be both outgoing and shy--depending on the situation and on her mood.  She is quite talkative and shares her opinions regularly. She is generous with her affection and forms close bonds with peers and adults.  Arianna loves to spend time on the phone and on social media with her friends and classmates.  She is also very interested in learning more about the things she is passionate about.  Arianna is frequently very helpful and enjoys helping to care for her younger foster siblings. Arianna in general is a laid-back and "chill" young lady. She enjoys being busy and spending time out in the community with family and friends.  Arianna loves all things spicy--Takis, hot chicken, and she puts extra hot sauce on basically everything. Arianna also loves tacos, pizza and chicken nuggets. She is an adventurous eater and though she would choose other foods first, she does enjoy an occasional vegetable.  She loves to listen to contemporary rap, pop, and R&B music. Music is very important to Arianna - she loves to sing along and dance to her favorite songs and also uses music to cope when she is stressed.  She would like to take a hip hop dance class and enjoys being active.  Arianna loves animals--dogs specifically, and is a great pet owner.  Arianna likes every season but winter--too cold, too much snow.  She does like the month of December though because of the holidays.

Arianna would like a family that lives in the Twin Cities as she would like to maintain relationships with her half-sister as well as some of her relatives and friends that she has in the area.  She would also like to be close to various attractions to help keep her active in the community.
Ref #:5265
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