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Meet Ariana

Black or African American
Ariana (Ari) is a lively, silly, and chatty teen who has a laugh that is very contagious! Ari easily warms up to others and enjoys participating in conversations. She likes to verbally process and is not shy about sharing her opinions with others! Ari is very relational and would rather spend time with adults over same-aged peers. She has a variety of interests including video games (specifically the Dance Dance Revolution series), trying out new restaurants, and shopping. Ari loves to shop for anything and everything, and appreciates being able to shop for others even more than shopping for herself. Her thoughtful side really shines through during shopping trips. For example, if she sees something she thinks a peer or adult in her life would like, she wants to get it for them. When given the opportunity to lead, she proves herself a strong leader.

When Ari thinks about permanency, she has pretty concrete and unique ideas. For example, she has been consistent in saying, “I want a mom in her 20s or 30s. 39 is okay but not 40 because that’s way too old”. Regardless of age, Ari would do well with a single mother or a two-parent family that is patient and committed.  Ari would benefit from a family that enjoys spending time and doing activities together as well as introduces her to new opportunities and interests. Ari would do best as the only child in the home, but adult children would fine.  It is important that the family understands race and culture in order to support Ari as she explores her biracial identity. Ari wants to live in a safe neighborhood in an urban or suburban setting.
Ref #:5287
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