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Meet Kiley

Kiley is a warm and friendly kid. She is tall which works out well since it helps her excel in volleyball and lots of other sports. Kiley loves to spend her days outside four-wheeling or rollerblading, and watching ANYTHING related to her favorite movie, Pitch Perfect. She would LOVE to be in a singing group like the one in Pitch Perfect someday, but “Not a church one. One with pop songs!” She loves all types of music from pop to gospel. She is super athletic and her not-so-secret talent is tinkering with something like a broken bike chain, figuring it out, and fixing it on the spot! She’s got big dreams, like one day becoming a music producer. Kiley is smart, handy, and incredibly kind.  She would prefer not to live in a rural area, but would be okay with suburban or slightly rural, if it means she can still go into the city to do fun things.  She adores animals and would enjoy having pets.

Following adoption, Kiley would need to maintain contact with her two younger siblings as well as her grandmother.
Ref #:5331
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